Randeep Hooda’s Hollywood Action Film releases on April 24

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Randeep Hooda is all set to make an action packed entry in Hollywood. He is the first actor to do a Hollywood action film. Randeep hooda’s hollywood action film will be seen on Netflix.

He is playing the character Saju in ‘Extraction’. The film stars Chris Hemsworth and David Harbour.

Randeep’s Statements:

“I was glad to get the movie on two to three levels. I got to feature as the first Indian male actor doing action in a Hollywood film. Breaking the stereotypes of IT professionals, millionaires or comic relief in a film. It was great that I was able to break that barrier,” Randeep told IANS, Pinkvilla.

He added, “I haven’t done hand to hand action much. I have an action image but haven’t done much action (on screen). So, this was a new thing. It was a new territory for me as an actor, to be able to use other factors as an actor and not just drama, and to be able to use my body and to be able to learn new things. I really enjoyed it… And feeling safe while doing it because they were so well prepared. I was elated and grateful that I got to do this part.”

The character adds an emotionality with sensitivity in the film.
“The layers in the part are a result of discussions, and Sam Hargrave’s vision from discussions, ranging from mutually favourite movies and writers. And then (it was a result of) adding a universal emotional angle, which is the family. It deals a lot with that, and wanting to create a difference from the point you first see this guy to the last time you see this guy. His journey was a very gratifying experience,” Randeep said while explaining his role.

It was originally titled ‘Dhaka’. The film also stars other Indian actors such asPankaj Tripathi, Priyanshu Painyulli, and Rudraksh Jaiswal. Joe Russo has done the film’s screenplay.

Talking about bonding with Hemsworth, Randeep said: “I grew up in Australia, where Chris is from. So, there was a lot of Australian way of talking and humour. Chris has a lot of energy. He is a sweet guy. I enjoyed working with him. I think this is one of his best and finest performances, which I’m sure people will be bowled over by.”

Randeep Hooda’s hollywood action film has an emotional layer too


Produced by Russo Brothers (Joe and Anthony Russo), Mike Larocca, Chris Hemsworth, Eric Gitter, and Peter Schwerin, the film will be released on April 24th on Netflix.

Watch the trailer here.

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