After Dalgona coffee, Proffee is ruling the Internet!


We all have made the Dalgona coffee during lockdown at our homes. It was trending on the Internet all over the world. Also, it was the most searched in 2020. Now, a new coffee trend is taking over the internet. Proffee is the latest viral trend and we recommnend you to try it out!

Proffee, the new viral coffee
A Healthy Drink with protein

Also known as protein coffee, Proffee is a combination of protein shake and coffee. Fitness freaks in social media are obsessed over this coffee. It is a great choice for health-conscious people who want to increase their protein intake without giving up on coffee.

Social media has over 66,000 Proffee posts with hashtags #proteincoffee and #proffee. Clearly, the new coffee trend has taken over the internet.

30g Protein Shake + Coffee = #Proffee Morning boost or afternoon  pick-me-up. Feel Good About Great Taste. | Protein shake recipes, Shake  recipes, Healthy coffee
How to Make Proffee

So here’s how you can make Proffee in just few steps:

  1. Whip two shots of espresso coffee and let it cool. Sugar is completely optional. You can also boil milk in and separate cup then let it cool
  2. In a separate bowl, mix protein powder and water and whisk with a spoon.
  3. And add ice cubes according to your liking in a cup and add protein cubes.
  4. Then pour the protein shake and add the black coffee to the cup.

So, try this trending coffee now!

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