Get delicious pickles, momo chutney and more from the hills!

Every Indian meal is incomplete without amazing pickles, chutneys and pastes. They make boring food yum and takes up to a next level. But we cannot trust every brand as many of them have artificial ingredients that are harmful for our health. In this time, all we want is fresh and organic food.

Check this local brand from the hills of Kalimpong in West Bengal naming ‘Himalayan Organic‘. It sells some amazing chilly picklemomo chutneybamboo pickle and much more!

Everything here is locally from their own farms, from the chillies to the bamboo shoot. Also, they are made fresh with love by a couple of elderly women who’ve been doing this for decades. Their specialties include Bamboo Shoot Pickle, Fresh Bamboo Shoot, Dallay Paste, Dallas in Vinegar, Green Chilly Pickle, Momo Chutney and Gundruk. Moreover, they even sell Tej Patta and Black Cardamom straight out of their farm!

All the items are sun dried, put in a bottle with a label and seal. Products are then sent to the customers across the country. Also, they sell Organic Haldi/Turmeric from Kalimpong, also known as Bastiko Haldi.

Turmeric has always been a great ingredient in India. It is an antiseptic and has many other qualities. Also, they have a special pickle called the Nakima Dallay Pickle. It is from Nakima/ Edible Orchid, a perennial plant. The consumption of inflorescences are as a spicy vegetable or pickle and are only available by the end of the monsoons (September-October).

So, get your hands on some amazing fresh pickles and chutneys from the hills!

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