Get a perfect winter Breakfast of Hot parathas and tea from MOPP!

A perfect meal on a winter morning is a plate of nice hot parathas with a good cup of tea. The joy of sipping a hot cup of tea on a winter morning, is matchless. As winters are here, why not try out some hot parathas!

Parathas of MOPP‘Mad Over Parathas & Pakodas’ is a Gurgaon-based food joint delivering a great variety of Parathas and Pakoras. Pair the dish with a cup of tea and make it a perfect winter breakfast!

If you are a paratha lover, this is a must visit. MOPP prepare paratha and pakora with some very unique fillings. Their parathas have stuffing like broccoli and beetroot. You can also choose from healthy options with Quinoa and nuts in them. Their Classic varieties like mutton parathas are quite famous while fusion paratha meals are made with an Italian Twist and Thai meals.

Coming to the pakoras, they have creative flavours of Amritsari Fish, sausages and even baingan (aubergine).

So, if you love any one of them, get them from this place for a great breakfast. Do not forget to pair it up with a cup of tea! The people at MOPP make sure that the tea stays hot till your doorstep. They pack it in a sealed containers. So, Get the breakfast combo at your doorstep and start a perfect day of work from home.

Location: Shop 113, Huda Market, Sector 31, Gurgaon
Contact: +91 8287252305

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