Palatini Pizzeria is delivering with complete hygiene: Order Now

The hygiene and cleaning process of Palatini has grown. They are washing hands, cleaning, and sanitizing their kitchens and delivering you hot and yum pizzas.

Palatini Pizzeria, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

The primary focus of Palatini has always been on hygiene. They work on the basics of an open kitchen, self-service, and a complete range of recyclable and bio-degradable cutlery. With an open kitchen, clients can see the cleanliness and hygiene being maintained in the kitchen.  The Self Service will help maintain the social distancing. There will be less or no contact of the maker and client. Also, recyclable cutlery will be more hygienic. It will also save a lot of water. It will be expensive on the pocket of the company but clients are priority.


With a more than a month of lockdown, the hotel industry has suffered a lot. Also, restrictions are still there on their opening.

The place is using gloves, disinfectors, sanitizers and also maintaining their cleaning schedules.  Not only this, they are also checking regular temperatures and providing face masks too.

For delivery, you can call them directly. Their cloth bag is sanitized. They are delivered to you without contact, in a car that’s disinfected every morning. Also, the driver has also instructed the hygiene protocols.

Call them on 8851301200 or 8851300368 for both Delhi and Gurgaon deliveries.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

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