Padmanabham, Janpath Serves Dishes From 4 Southern States!


Almost all restaurants and food places are a mix of both Veg and Non Veg food. There are rarely a few that offer pure veg and delicious food. For many of them pure veg kitchen is a priority. Here is a perfect pure-veg restaurant in Delhi that prepares the most delicious South Indian dishes. They also gives you a variety of taste by offering different region-specific viands on different days of the week. Padmanabham is avegetarian restaurant in Janpath serving authentic food from the south.

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With beautiful decor, the pillars have inspiration from Chettinad and great ambience. Padmanabham has inspiration from Lord Padmanbhaswamy – a widely revered god in Kerala and all across South India. They have drool-worthy dishes like Paddu (rice and lentil) and Paruppu Vadai (Ghee Podi idli) to Chettinadu Masala (Mushroom Curry) and Guttivankaya Koora (Stuffed Aubergine) which are served on a banana leaf.

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The place also does concept kitchen serves, where they serve fixed-menu dishes. These are from four different southern states and on different days of the week. So, the idea is to give people an authentic southern gastronomic experience. Walk into their outlet in Janpath in lunch hours and taste south India on a platter. The cost is just for Rs.395.

Where: Padmanabham, 52, Janpath Rd, Atul Grove Road, Janpath, Connaught Place
When: 11:00AM – 11:00PM 

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