Ovenfresh, Dadar is now delivering their delicacies!

Cake and some more cakes are never enough! Many bakeries were delivering and are now delivering the baked goodies at our homes. So. Here is another one! Ovenfresh, Dadar is now their amazing delicacies at your doorstep. So, all people with sweeth tooth need to pay attention!

OvenfreshThe 20-Year Old Dadar Bakery

Over 20 years, Ovenfresh has been serving breads, puffs and desserts. Also, the bakery has just one branch! Believe us, a single bite of their desserts will take all your stress away!

OvenfreshThe eatery has been serving since 1993.

Their must try

Try out their pistachio opera. It has four layers of almond sponge pistachio buttercream and paired with salty caramel and Belgian milk chocolate ganache. Also, try out their Desire3 cake with six different textures and 36 ingredients.

Their cupcakes are heavenly too! Moreover, grab on their snacks and more from their fresh oven. In case you want to gift something, try out their box of chocolate truffles, chocolate pralines, chocolate truffles or macaroons which will melt in your mouth.

So, give a treat to your sweet tooth and order them at your home! People from various places in Mumbai come and savour their delicacies.

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