Order from your Favourite Street Food Vendor Soon!

What we most missed in this lockdown time was ‘street food’ as restaurants were delivering but not street vendors. So, here is a news for you all. The PM Narendra Modi made an announcement on September 9 that the street food vendors will get an online delivery platform just like the other restaurants. 

Through this, they will earn a livelihood and also satiate cravings of foodies like us!

Old Delhi Street Food Tour 2020 - New Delhi

On september 8, a meeting between the PM and the beneficiaries of the PM Street Vendors’ Aatmanirbhar Nidhi (PM SVANidhi) scheme took place virtually.  Also, PM praised Madhya Pradesh for ensuring that many vendors get benefit from the scheme.

Stating he said, “I congratulate those who are moving ahead with the SVANidhi Yojna. It is a big thing to provide benefits of the scheme to over one lakh street vendors and providing identity cards to over 4.5 lakh such people. Other states must take inspiration from Madhya Pradesh.”

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Now, Delhi is also going to implement this scheme. The vendors will now deliver at your doorstep just like restaurants.

Moreover, there will be online payments, as many of us are shifting towrds it. Also, this will help them start using online payments for future.

The bank representatives will help these vendors with QR code for their businesses. Also, will guide them through the online payment system.

So, your favourite street food place might soon start delivering at the comfort of your home!

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