Oppo makes sliding selfie cameras in new design, files patent!


With still cameras in all phones, Oppo has patented a new smartphone camera design. In this, the camera slide sideways above the display. Interesting right? So, the patent shows a camera inside a rail wherein it goes forth and back. LetsGoDigital has come up with concept material for the same. This includes the GIF showing the camera design in action.

The filing of patent is with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). It carries a document of 33 pages explaining how this camera setup will work. Basically, the camera sensor will be on a guide block that will relay between one end to another on the rail. The camera in Oppo will move by a motor only when the selfie camera mode is active.

Oppo sliding camera

So, the idea is to allow shoot from different angles and positions. With such a sliding camera, the phone and the app will be able to cover your face in order to create a 3D image.

Now it will be easier to shoot panorama. So, with a sliding camera, a panorama shot can be better than those users click with unsteady hands. It will be slow and capture fine details!

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