Dance away your boredom by enrolling in these online dance classes


A week long lockdown is here and we are sure everyone is bored. It is important to keep our bodies active as sitting would make us more lethargic. And one such way is to join an online dance class. Check below some institutes that are offering online dance classes!

Delhi Dance Academy 

Online Dance Classes – Dance Classes in Delhi

This institute remains on top in any dance list. They will teach you everything from Bollywood, tap, and hip hop to salsa, jazz, gymnastics, zumba, to aerobics, and contemporary. They make sure you learn the basics along with some fun!

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Dance Asia Plus

Best Online Dance Classes In Delhi
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Are you someone who loves moving a leg on desi beats? If yes, then enroll yourself for online dance classes at Dance Asia Plus . It is one of the most popular institutions in Delhi for Bollywood dance! Also, it remains open 24 hours!

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Zenith Dance Academy

Online Dance Classes – Zenith Dance Academy

They came in the industry over 20 years ago and today has a special place for itself. So, for online classes, all you have to do is, register yourself on their official website and adhere to the requirements. 

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BMP Fire Bhangra Crew & Academy

Online Bhangra Classes - BMP Fire Bhangra Crew & Academy | Facebook

If you love bhangra and gidda then check this one out! This place was set up back in 1989 and happens to be one of the most favourite places for dance freaks! They have amazing instructors and choreographers on board! So, go enroll now for their online classes!

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