Once Abandoned, this beautiful estate in Kullu is now a homestay!

If you are travelling to Himachal anytime soon and looking for a different place to stay, here is our suggestion! Hidden behind the deodar trees, The North in Kullu has a great appeal. The décor is rustic, with rough-hewn tables, unpainted plaster walls and brick floors. The architecture of the homestay looks old and frozen. Check it out!

The North Kullu

So, this majestic structure is a 3-floor abode for artistic and like-minded people. The place is an old estate and is in a new life after being into a homestay.

The home is amid the mighty deodars and the Beas river. A perfect place if you want an escape from the city. This is the place for every soul who wants to escape far away from city life. 

Also, the estate is home to artists and like-minded people who live as a community. A perfect place to experience splendid nature, and network with architecture, art, music and food. Here you will find people playing the guitar, singing on a ledge, dancing at various spots.

To explore around, there are trekking spots and view points are a short car ride away. But the best is to explore and roam around the estate on foot. Also, Himachal Pradesh receives its first snow snowfall. The beauty is all in snow!

So, pack your bags and visit the dreamy place in Kullu and stay over this old like homestay!

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