Add this Offbeat Jibhi Trek to your next year Bucket List!

Jibhi is a small place in Himachal Pradesh and is full of pleasing nature views. So, an Offbeat trek in Jibhi is a must add to your bucket list.

Offbeat Trek
Lambri trek
Credits: Himalayan Ecotourism

There are many offbeat treks and most of them are now commercialized. There are tourists everywhere. One such is Triund trek. Away from commercialization, we have another trek in Jibhi, called the Lambhri Top.

Covered by nature, the path is a climb of 3700 meters. So, you need every ounce of strength if you are planning to do it. As it is an offbeat trek, you need to be well prepared. Get all your camping gears like food, gas (if you want to cook food), rain shields, power banks, water, hiking poles, and extra canisters ready.

Start your day
Lambri Top Trek | Best Trek for beginners | Best Trekking Place in Himachal  | Flysports, India
Credits: Flysports

We suggest you start your day early as you will have ample of time the whole day. Moreover, you will be passing through a forest cover and may be dangerous in the evening because of Wild animals. It will be a bit tiring as you will need to walk upwards for 3700 meters.

Booking and Camps
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Try booking your homestay in Jalori pass or Sojha, as the trek will begin from Jalori pass. If it seems hectic to do it in one day, you can divide the whole trek into two days. You can camp at Serolsar Lake as your first stop. After that head upwards the next day towards the ridge or Lambri range. This would lead you to Skirn and Chanam Tach that will give you a stunning view of the Himalayan range

You will find the Tibetan community in the Dhalaudhar range. They are refugees there. It is recommended to remove your shoes before reaching Lambri as the mountain is known as a sacred.

Worth Watching Views
Lambri trek
Credits: Himalayan Ecotourism

For a more magnificent view, you can place your tent on top of the mountain and enjoy the views and the stars at night. Do carry power banks along as there will be no electricity. Also, do not forget to take your cameras.

Capture some amazing views of Pir Panjal Ranges in the morning on one side and the villages of Sarchi and ranges around Shimla on the other side.

So, don’t forget to add this place on your bucket list to get a lifetime experience.

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