Now try out India’s First Fermented Pineapple Beverage In Delhi!

We all must have made addition of healthy eating into our lifestyle. We are sticking to promoting local and eating healthy. So, if you are also someone who swear by this idea, then check out this brand. A new brand has come up with pro-biotic drinks in India is launching the country’s first tepache. This is ‘Heypache,’ a vegan drink. It has a blend of fermented pineapple and herbs to level-up your immunity. 

Heypache: India's First Homegrown Fermented Pineapple Drink Is Now In Delhi  - Homegrown

Tepache is done by fermenting pineapple peels and rind. It is a Mexican beverage which is beneficial for digestion. The preparation is commonly in Mexican houses. Also, it helps with urinary infections, weight loss, and revitalising tissues.

Heypache is India’s introduction to the drink. Also, it has 100% natural ingredients and free of additives. So, it comes in a bottle and the drink looks and tastes good!

The founders are Nandini Bansal and Sandeep Singh. Heypache is the perfect for health-conscious people. For now, it has only Pineapple flavour. Also, the next Midnight Berry – infused with blackcurrants – is in the works. You can purchase it at all Greenr and Kaze Living outlets in Delhi. 

So, check this out and do try this amazing drink!

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