Now you can save and share audio clips of Reels on Instagram!

Instagram made an announcement for new audio features for Reels. So, the new audio features bring Instagram Reels closer to TikTok. Now Instagram users can save audio from Reels, and also share audio pages.

Instagram reels

You can upload your own audio clip or use music tracks from Instagram’s audio library on Instagram reels. So, with the new update, you can now save audio clips on Reels. Also, the process is the same as saving posts on Instagram.

To do this , Tap on the audio, and select the save icon. It is on the top right corner of the screen. After that, you can then go to your saved posts on Instagram. There you will find all the audio files under an ‘audio’ folder.

So, now when you make a new Reels video you can add audio from your collection that you have saved. For using audio from other reels, you have to do it at that time, and not save the clip in your library. Also, the new audio page on your saved collection can be shared in DM.

Also, Instagram is coming up with a new audio browser. This is to highlight Reels made with popular audio tracks. Under this, there will be a ‘For You’ and ‘Trending’ section in the audio browser.

The app will highlight songs that are trending on the app. Also, it will provide song recommendations.

For now, the new features are not available and will come soon for users.

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