Nepal to build the Tallest Lord Shiva Idol Of 108 Feet At Pokhara

Nepal majorly depends on tourism, especially adventure tourism for its economy. With outbreak of pandemic, the nation is suffering from huge losses. The government has come up with a decision to build the tallest Shiva idol in Pokhara.

Nepal to built tallest Lord Shiva idol in Pokhara -

According to reports, the Hindu community in Nepal has begin the construction in Pumdikot of Pokhara. Also, 45 per cent of the work is done. The standing Shiva idol is 108 ft tall, and the one in sitting position is 51 ft tall. Also, the cost of the idol installation is at NPR 400 million.

So, the country is to boost religious tourism in Pokhara, which is one of the top tourist destinations in Nepal.

Chandrakanta Baral, Construction Committee Chairman, said,

“We expect to complete the work within two years. Apart from a religious point of view, the spot is sure to support the promotion of tourism in Pokhara.”

For now, Nepal has its focus on religious tourism. The famous Rani Pokhari’s Bal Gopaleshwor Temple got open for the first time after the devastating 2015 earthquake. It got open on the occasion of Bhai Tika last week, for the first time in five years; just for 1 day.

The temple set in the middle of the historic pond, was completely destroyed in the earthquake. Also, the history goes back to the late 17th century.

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