Order delicious Home Made Gujarati Achar from ‘Nani Ki Barni’

Nani ki Barni



Missing those typical age-old pickle taste? Nani Ki Barni is here to make you nostalgic with its flavours.

Indian meals are incomplete without chutneys and achars. So, why not try out some Gujarati achar with dinner tonight? Nani Ki Barni, a Mumbai brand offers an endless variety of achar, murabba and chutneys.

Get your hands on their Methiya Keri Gunda, Dhana Gol Keri and Methiya Keri, Chundo and Aam Ka Murabbo. And, FYI, all the items authentic Gujarati recipes coming from the Saurashtra household. Apart from being flavorful, they have health benefits too.


Nani ki Barni


The pickles include herbs and spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and jaggery. They help in balancing blood pressure, fighting impurities in the blood, reducing weight, and many more.

Nani ki Barni


They are hygienically packed in little glass bottles. The bottles are sanitized inside out before being filled. Also, the products come safely packed in boxes. This is to reduce the chances of any contact with the delivery person.

They are available in two packs, 400 gm pack and a 1 kg pack. The 400 gm bottle of achar starts from Rs 275, while 1 kg bottle would cost you Rs 650.

So, place your order now and savour your tastebuds with Nani Ki Barni!

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