The Mumbai ferry has now started again, from Mumbai to Alibaug

The ferry service in Mumbai has began again after 5 months. The M2M RoRo (roll-on/roll-off) is back in motion. This has been done to keep the festivity in mind. So, the RoRo ferry car service to Alibaug is now on!

Ro-Ro car ferry from Mumbai to Alibaug starts this month | Condé ...


the service will run throughout Ganesh Chaturthi

The service came in action again on August 20 and will run through the 11-day festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. In the service, you can take your car along the ferry. After that, you can take it off and explore the destination. Do not forget that the ferry will only make a trip once a day, to and from Alibaug. Also, the limit of passengers is 300 and 60 cars at a time.

Mumbai-Alibaug RoRo service will function during monsoon as well ...
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From Mumbai to Alibaug, the costs is Rs.300. Also, in case of pets, the fare is same. The prices of vehicles depend on its type.

In case you are taking a small car, the cost is Rs. 800, for medium car it is Rs. 1000, and for a large it is Rs. 1200. For a cycle, it is Rs.100 and a two-wheeler is for Rs. 200.


The time to cover the distance is 45-60 minutes on a RoRo ferry. It takes 3.5-4 hours to cover by road.

So, Mumbaikars, if you feel like travelling to Alibaug, get into the ferry and spend some time at the place!

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