Book this Royal Mughal style home in Pondicherry starting @Rs. 1216


All the Mughal palaces are costly for sure. But this Mughal-style bungalow in Pondicherry is an architectural masterpiece. Also, the price here starts just around ₹1216 per night ( price varies according to dates). The inspiration behind the bungalow is Mughal art and imperial living. It has a great and majestic Durbar hall with turquoise pillars, ornamentation works on walls and intricate traditional motifs. Moreover, the floorings have inspiration from Indo-Islamic style carpets.

Mughal Style Home Pondicherry
Picture Credits: OYO

The Durbar Hall

The OYO Home 78302 also has a story behind it. So, Mr Kanagavel, who built the bungalow, used to travel to diverse places across India. He took ideas from forts like the Taj Mahal and other historic monuments to construct the royal house. As per reports, he has also won a President Award from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for his magnificent design.

Talking about the Durbar hall, it has doors and walls with installation swords and shields. There are regal stairs rotating up to the next storey. Also, the stairs are unique with jaali works.

Chandeliers, The Throne Chamber And more..

A yellow Buddha statue too inside the house is illuminated by a lamp above it. At the bungalow, the place housing the throne has golden pillars, with arcs. Also, the place has a pool in backyard!

Mughal Style Home Pondicherry
Picture Credits: OYO and LBB

So, the property is around 1 kilometre away from Serenity Beach. One can also visit the Auroville Beach to enjoy parasailing.  If you are travelling to Pondicherry anytime soon, book your stay here.

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