India gets its first moss garden in Kumaon’s Nainital district

Recently, India got its first moss garden at Nainital district. It is spread across an area of around 10 ha and development is by the research wing of the state’s forest department. The opening is by Rajendra Singh, Ramon Magsaysay awardee and well-known water conservation activist.

As per reports, it took almost a year to build this moss garden. Rajendra Singh stated that this is a good start that will go a long way to mend relationships between man and nature.

Also, he laid stress on that now is the time to renew the relationship between people and nature. And if we don’t take any initiative to correct our errors now, we will be moving towards the path of destruction.

India gets its first-ever moss garden in Uttarakhand’s Nainital district
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The basic aim of developing the moss garden is to conserve the various species of moss. Also, spread awareness among people about its importance in the environment. The Chief Conservator of Forest Sanjiv Chaturvedi said that the approval done in July last year. It is under the CAMPA (State Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority) scheme. Also, by the Research Advisory Committee of Uttarakhand Forest Department.

So, this garden had around 30 different species of moss. Also, various of other bryophyte species. Brachythecium Buchanani and Hyophila involuta (Cement Moss) are two moss species featuring in the red list of (IUCN), Chaturvedi added. Adding, he said, that a moss trail of 1.2 km has also been set up. On it, various moss species feature and scientific information about them is also there.

So, if you visit Nainital, do check it out!

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