Moorang, Himachal Pradesh is truly a gem! Know Why!

From daily traffics, stress and chaos of life, all we long for is a nice vacation and break. A break to rejuvenate ourselves and find calm. Mountains have always been one stop for calmness and freshness of mind. So, here we are with another gem in Himachal Pradesh called Moorang. Read about it below!

Why Moorang In Himachal Pradesh Should Be Your Next Weekend ...
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Moorang is in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is greenery with beautiful tall mountains and clean, fresh air. The place is at a very high altitude in Himachal. Also, it is covered by forests such as the Govind Pachu Vihar Natural Preserve and the Great Himalayan National Park. 

Why Moorang
Moorang Kinnaur | Moorang images, best time to visit
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The place is hidden and you must have not heard about it much. But it is surely not less than a dreamland. Many hill stations have now become commercial, but some are still raw. So, you can either have a nice trek or just read a book while gazing the mountains.

So, if you visit here, do not forget to go to the ‘The Moorang Fort‘. The fort has a lot of legends and myths associated with it. The fort was built by Pandavas, according to historians. A local deity in the area is Omrig.

Among many other things that enhance its beauty, one of them is Apricot Orchids around it. So, if visiting in April you can see some beautiful flowers blooming in these orchards. The best time to visit is Spring.

Also, do not forget to visit the Moorang Monastery and and the Moorang Temple.

How To Reach

So, you can reach Moorang in three ways-by road, by train or by air. The closest airport is about 22 kilometres away from Shimla. Best time to visit is between April and October.

Also, you can choose Airbnb options to stay they are both affordable and comfortable.

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