Missing ‘Ghar Ka Khaana’? Here are some Tiffin services in Delhi!

Living alone is not easy specially in terms of food. Daily orering from outside is way too costly. ‘Ghar Ka Khaana’ is what we usually miss by staying outside. So, we have brought you some nice tiffin options in Delhi. Check them out!

1. Kitchennoid

Made with local produce this place provides you home-cooked food with all natural ingredients. The provide you with a tiffin at rs. 90 that includes three vegetables, roti, and rice in their tiffin. Also, the food is strictly vegetarian.

Call: +91-9650755331

2. Delhi Tiffin

Get their full of nutritionthalis prices at Rs.60 . They prepare them hygenically so you do not have to worry about it. They offer 2 variants of Thalis, a Regular one and Deluxe one. Regular Thali includes Dal, Roti, Rice, and a seasonal subji and Deluxe Thali has an additional Paneer Subji and sweet. Also, you can get monthly subscriptions for both. Priced at Rs 1700 for Regular thali and rs.2800 per month. Also, this is available only in West Delhi.

Call: +91-9654542113

3. Home Bytes

If you want some restaurant food at reasonable prices, this is the place. Home Bytes provides you premium quality home-cooked food at just 2000 per month. On the menu, they have variety of north indian dishes. Also, your food will be safely provided to you in apillproof packages.

Call: +91-9711150463

4. Healthylicious Kitchen

This tiifin service is apt for health conscious people. Also, their subscriptions plans is minimum for 5 weeks and will combine various dishes from both Indian and foreign cuisines.

Call: +91-9999194664

5. Reshma’s Kitchen

Reshma’s kitchen is the most reliable place in terms of tiffin service. Situated in South Delhi, this place serves you a mix throughout the week. They shuffle your meals between both Indian and Chinese staples. So, your meal box can carry combinations like Chicken-roti-rice, Moong Dhal-Potato fry-Rice-Roti, and many more.

Call: +91-9810290222

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