Sort your late night hunger with McDonald’s 24/7 Delivery in Mumbai


Whenever hunger strikes, the most accessible thing everywhere is McDonalds. Everything on their menu is super delicious and filling. There is lockdown in Mumbai and all the restaurants are also limiting their seating, here is a news for all! The Mumbai civic body relaxed a number of the curbs and allowed home delivery of food. This is through on-line service suppliers 24 hours on all days of the week. With this info comes that McDonald’s can operate 24/7 for contactless delivery in selected stores in Mumbai.

McDonald’s shops can Operate 24/7 For Contactless Delivery

So, Westlife Development, that operates McDonald’s restaurants in southern and western regions in Asian nation, proclaims that the McDonald’s shops can operate 24/7 for contactless delivery. The decision comes up when the govt. opens delivery services to operate 24/7 within the town.

However, within the wake of the coronavirus, McDonald’s restaurants can operate 24/7 for contactless McDelivery solely. Besides, the whole plans to relinquish a push to its McDelivery and takeaway channels. The corporate recently proclaimed vaccination to protect all its 10,000 staff. This includes the McDonald’s restaurant employees and its company workplace staff.

So, as lockdown is again here, you don’t have to just crave and crib. Pick your phone and place the order and get food at your doorstep!

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