Make Your Own Distressed Denims At Home: DIY

It’s Lockdown part 3 and shopping is still a distant thing. We all must have cleaned our wardrobes for a number of times now. Also, now you can be your own designer. Yes, pull out those solid jeans from your closet and make them ripped!

For this, all you need is just scissors, bobby pins and tweezers!

This DIY will not only be trendy but also money saving. Ripped or Distressed jeans cost a bit more than the normal ones. So, why to spend more when you can Do It Yourself!

Big Holes with Threads

To get this look, cut up horizontal strips on your jeans, half an inch apart from each other.
Take the tweezers and pluck out all the blue threads from the strips. Just pluck the verticle threads.

You can also cut some of the white threads to make it more messier.

Small Holes

Smaller holes look like they have made their way into the pants. They look effortless and just perfect. To do this look, all you need is a Sandpaper.

Start with marking few patches and rub them with sandpaper. By doing this, the denim will become thinner. This would create holes in it. Also, it would make the fabric soft.

Frayed out pockets and edges

Wanna give your denims a more rugged look?Try fraying out the pockets and edges around the zipper.

For this all you need is a razor. Take a disposable razor and scrape the area you want to fray out. Use the tweezer to make bigger and more organised holes in the jeans. Thie would give an artsy look to the pants.

Check the video here.

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