Enjoy the delicious meat and live grill at home by MSE!

Its winters already and hot snacks are everything you need! Now the skewers on sizzling charcoal arrive will be at your doorstep by MSE. The aroma of meat on the grill fill your home.

They are neatly put in a line on the skewers. This includes chicken, fish and mutton. Also, for the vegan ones, they offer grills with paneer, mushroom, veg kababs, crispy chilly potato, soya chaps and charred pineapple. So, to savour the meat with perfect marination, all one needs to do is book your personal live grill @ www.meatstockexchange.com website or on the IOS and Android app.

MSE live grill whats hot delhi

So, an expert will be there at your place with a complete Live BBQ Grill Compact Trolley. We suggest you to book the Live Barbeque with food quantities a week in advance.

Also, you can order from ‘Freshly Cooked‘ or ‘Biryani Section‘ for the main course. Moreover, the Grill set up is done in an open space in apartment balconies, terraces or gardens.

With all set up by the MSE, you can make your guests gulp in some amzing dishes.

Do not forget to log on to meatstockexchange.com to order fresh raw meats, delicious already cooked meals and more!

MSE live grill whats hot delhi

So, to have the live grill at your place, all you need to do is send your requirements on email at feedusback@meatstockexchange.com. Also, you can book on WhatsApp by messaging on this number: 9311172008.

Price for One Common Veg and Non-Veg Grill with One Chef: Rs 10,000 (exclusive of GST)
Duration: 3 hours
Location: Delhi NCR
Timings: Lunch & Dinner

Wallet Factor: Average price for meal for 6 to 7 people starts at Rs 10,000 plus taxes.

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