Learn Biscottis, Cakes and more in Healthy Baking Class

Healthy Baking Class


Quarantine has made us a Chef for sure. We are experimenting and making cakes and frozen desserts at home. Want to learn some good international desserts sitting at home? Here is something for you all!

They have baked products and desserts with refined flour, butter, sugar, and dairy. So, Join Ruchi in this amazing class to enjoy and learn these delicious baked treats.


Desserts are the most favorite part of the whole day. Also, We have been baking cakes and some easy desserts at home. What can be better than learning at your home?  Sounds like an idea though! Here is an online workshop called Healthy Baking Class. In the class, they will teach you to bake a few lip-smacking desserts in the comfort of your home!


The event will happen live on 16th June 2020. It the session you will be able to get the knack of:

  • Baking Carrot Walnut Cake,
  • Chocolate Brownies,
  • Lamingtons,
  • Biscotti

They are not only super delicious, but they are packed with nutrients. Also, they are sugarfree, oil-free, and dairy products! Too guilt-free, right? So, Book your seats to this amazing online baking class at the earliest before they declare a full house!


Rs. 600


Zoom Call

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