Keto Culture: The first Farm To Bar Sugar-free chocolate

We all love chocolates, not only love, it is something that makes us happy! A bite of it makes our tastebuds go on a roller coaster ride. But giving a thought to our health, are all chocolates good for us? The sugar content and preservatives impact our health. So, what if we introduce you to a whole next level range of healthy chocolates? Keto culture is a must check then!

Keto culture- Inspiring from Farm to Bar

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The delicious chocolates made by the company has its Cacao farms on the foothills of Western ghats in Kozhikode. It is spread over 5 acres. Keto culture gets its inspiration from ‘Farm to Bar’.

They experiment with fermenting cacao, roasting skillfully and using various sweetners. Moreover, the chocolates are low carb, has high healthy fats and high in protein. Also, they are packed with antioxidants and nutrients.

The mission:

Credits: Instagram

The mission of Keto culture is providing ‘100% Natural’ bean to bar chocolate with no artifical flavours or preservatives. In all, providing you a guilt-free delicacy.


So, keto culture is the brainchild of Abhishek Shah and Lipika Inerkar Shah.

Abhishek Shah

He began as a Barista in 2008 and later pursued his love for coffee. Also, opened his own roasterie in Melbourne in 2011. He began experimenting on a new Keto culture as people were health conscious.

Lipika Inerkar Shah

An accountant and MBA in finance, she had a passion to start something exciting and fun. She is the implementor engaging in developing ideas. Also, bringing all plans to action with quality and cost control.

Sugar free

The Keto Culture - Roasted Almonds - Sugar Free - Dark Chocolate - 60%  Cacao - Sweetened with Stevia - Indian Craft Sugar Free Chocolate (1): Grocery & Gourmet Foods

All the chocolates are sugar free and Maltitol free. It has stevia that does not raises the blood sugar levels. The chocolates made from organic cacao beans, cacao butter and stevia.


Keto Culture, Parel order online - Zomato

On the site, they have a great collection and flavours of chocolates. These include Vegan Sugar free dark chocolate, Keto sugar free dark chocolate and Sugar free white chocolate. So, the bestsellers include Roasted Hazelnuts, Vegan culture 85% cacao chocolate, Almond (vegan and keto) , Goji berry , Blueberry and more!

To place your order, check their website and Instagram page.

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