Kerala plans to host pink water lilies e-festival!

Over the backwater villages in Kottayam, Kerala, the blooming pink lilies are now going online. They bloom every monsoon. Now, the Kerala Tourism department is promoting them for online tours. So, the idea behind this is to keep the Kerala lovers all over to stay in touch with the developments even after the travel restrictions.

As per latest reports, the Kerala Tourism, India Tourism and the Malarikkal Tourism Society have shot the flowering locations. Also, many other developments of kerala. One can see these videos on the offical websites of these agencies soon.

Pink water lilies e-festival in Kerala - Real News India | DailyHunt


So, the tourism authorities have plans to host an e-festival for pink water lily. This is going to be same as the online Onam festival in August 2020.

Also, the tourism departments are filming videos on the rural experience too and scope of backwater tourism too. These are in the areas like Vaikom, Kumarakom, Murinjapuzha and Amballur.

Water Lilies at Malarikkal in Kottayam | Kerala Tourism
Credits: Kerala Tourism

If the government eases travel, the authorities might invite number of tourists in limit via the Pazhukkanila water route after September 21. This is because after few days these flowers will replace with paddy saplings.

About 80000 tourists had visited Malarikkal last year. By this, the local boatmen made about INR 12 lakhs as total income. Also, the government of Kerala announced its plans to host a pink water lily festival. This is quite similar to the Tulip Festival held in Amsterdam. So far, no tourists have been able to make it to the fest.

So, whether it is online or offline, all we want to see is the beautiful Kerala. We are waiting for the festival, what about you all?

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