Spend a weekend stay with your fam & Pets at Kasa Nest, Gurugram


Family picnics are completely fun and it is the most happy activity one can involve in. Usually, parks are the first options for this but here is something you need to know! Now you can plan a picnic and staycation together. Kasa Nest is an urban farm in Gurgaon. Here you can stay at weekend and enjoy picnic plus a weekend getaway.

Kasa nest

Amid the foothills of Aravali, Kasa Nest’s gives you a calm and soothing vacay. It is among the lush greens without chaos and noise. This property has gardens which are made entirely with recycled material and has solar lights to make your vacation sustainable yet blissful. Also, here they grow their own food, and give you organic meals, prepared with herbs and produce grown at the farm itself. 

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So, Kasa Nest also welcome your furry friends with whole heart as the property is pet-friendly too. Moreover, they host workshops and fun activities for kids too. In a way they give you a break from parenting and let the parents enjoy! Pack you stuff and head over here for a picnic cum staycation with your fam!

Where: Farm No 4, Kadarpur, 5 min drive from Paras Trinity Mall Ullavas Gurugram, Haryana

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