Stay at this Royal property ‘Karan Mahal’ having amazing views!


The commoners don’t get to see or stay amid the Royal residences so often. But this time you are getting an opportunity and one should not miss it. So, Karan Mahal is a residence of the erstwhile rulers in Kashmir and currently known as a 7-key hotel.

History Reinvented: KARAN MAHAL, SRINAGAR

So, this property is between two of the most beautiful peaks of Kashmir, one near the Shankaracharya peak and the other between the Zabarwan mountain range. Its surroundings have 60 acres of orchards and woods, and fully set amidst nature. You might see some wildlife like bear and more.

The property was a residence to Dr. Karan Singhji, the then crown prince of Jammu & Kashmir. Dr. Karan Singh served as Jammu & Kashmir’s Head of State and Governor for nearly two decades before moving to the national capital to form Indira Gandhi’s cabinet. The estate has made its mark on history for hosting the swearing-in ceremonies of many state dignitaries. 

Srinagar's Karan Mahal: History reinvented - The Daily Guardian

Now the place is available to book for a few night’s stay! The residence has seven luxurious suites, each with a private balcony that opens up to gorgeous views of the Pir Panjal and the Zabarwan ranges. Their decor is elegant and has handwoven Kashmiri carpets and various art deco furniture and artifacts all around the property. The artifacts tell he stories gone by.

They serve authentic Kashmiri dishes which are garnered by their age-old family recipe. These also include some Nepalese and Dogra dishes as well.

So, book a night stay at this beautiful royal property naming Karan Mahal on your next visit!

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