Go empty stomach & try out this ‘Jumbo Momo’ in Patel Nagar!


Delhi people love momos, and all varieties and sizes are welcome with open mouths! And this one in Patel Nagar is worth every bite! So, a cafe naming ‘Indie Momos’ sell this massive momos and you are surely gonna love it!

Jumbo Momo in Patel nagar

The dish names ‘Jumbo Momo‘ and is equal to about 10 pieces of momos. Too large right? The filling includes vegetarian ingredients like paneer, onion, and other mixed veggies. This giant momo has gained popularity over the past couple of weeks.

Also, many food bloggers have already been to the place and have taken loads of pictures and videos. These include how it was made, and will surely leave your mouth watering. People are definetely surprised by the size of the momo and left comments such as “ohh bete,” and “Yahi parcel kar do.” 

It comes nicely topped with chilli flakes and oregano along with chutneys!

So, apart from their jumbo momo, the restaurant also serves steamed, tandoori momos and also some scrumptious Mughlai and North Indian food.

So, we are surely heading to grab this jumbo momo! When are you heading?

Where: X-63 shop no, 2, Block 1, West Patel Nagar, Patel Nagar
When: 4:00 PM- 12:00 AM

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