Try out authentic food from Jammu and Kashmir at the state canteen!

If someday you crave for some really authentic food of any state, the state canteen are the place! They serve authentic regional cuisine, within the capital. Say, if you want to have famous food of Kashmir and you are not able to travel since long, but you can still enjoy the food! How? All the Delhiites can do so by visiting the J&K State House and eating the delicious Wazwan dishes. So, rather than imagining the feels of valleys, imagine drooling into amazing Mutton Rista and Yakhni!

J&K State House amazing for seasoned Wazwan eaters. Here, the meals are made same as a Kashmiri household makes. The two famous dishes here are the Mutton Rista and Yakhni – both are mainstays of Wazwan. So, the Mutton Rista is a meatball dish and its preparation is long. But it is surely a treat for all spicy lovers. The Mutton Yakhni is cooked in curd gravy with broth and meat chunks.

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Here, both the dishes come with rice, the traditional style.It has many meat dishes and if you love exploring food, do come here. So, head over here to this canteen for some amazing and warm meat dishes.

Location: Jammu And Kashmir House, 9, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri
Cost For Two: Rs 500 (approx.)

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