This is India’s first live 24/7 Bakery from Jaipur!

Jaipur is famous for its traditional Rajasthani food like Dal Bati and ghewars! But it has more than all this. The place has a bakery which serves cheesy pizzas and desserts. So, the bakery is  located in Clarks Hotel, Jaipur. It is famous for its farm-fresh dishes, stellar hygiene, and unique concept.

Zolocrust Jaipur

Also, Zolocrust is India’s first live 24/7 bakery which has 14 professional chefs who prepare your meals live in front of your eyes. They use organic produce which they grow themselves. So, as you enter, there are displays of fresh dainties and gooey desserts. Behind which you can see chefs busy kneading pizza dough, or icing a cake. Also, a black boards display the specials of the day. There is also a play area for the kids. So, if you crave food filled with flavours, it is perfect.

Whats Hot Delhi

 Their bestsellers include The Pesto Margarita, sprinkled with basil and stuffed with generous helpings of Mozzarella cheese, along with Pizza Al Caprino zas. Also, the best desserts include the Blueberry Cheese Cake and Apple Pie. Here is an interesting thing about it- The delivery service is done by the chefs themselves in a red Mini Copper.

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