Now Keep scrolling Instagram with its new ‘Suggested Posts’ feature

Soon after QR codes, Instagram has come up with another new feature. This is called ‘Suggested Posts’. The fature basically expands your feed. So, keep scrolling whole day! There is going to be never ending posts now.When you reach the end of the feed, this feature will suggest you to look for more posts.

Till now, Instagram used to show ‘You’re all caught up’ when we reah the end of feed. Now, the new feature will appear right after the “You’re All Caught Up” message. If you want to explore more, you can scroll pass the marker. It is going to stay on just in case you want to go back to old posts.

Instagram's new suggestion feature ensures your feed will never end
Credits: TechCrunch

Julian Gutman, head of Product at Instagram Home, explains this with an example of ‘Space’ content. For Gutman, a suggested photo  is going to be a space photo from someone he does not follow. On the Explore page, there might be posts related to physics.

Also, Gutman did not mean that how often users do reach the end of their feed daily. So, for suggested posts, you might need to scroll for long.

Moreover, Suggested Posts is just going to have photos, ads, and videos that have been posted on the grid. You will not get to see IGTV or reels here.

So, the app’s former CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom had the idea of the end of feed notification as a decision made keeping users’ mental health in mind. According to him, Instagram was working on tools that will help the community know about the time spent by them on the platform. Also, all the time spent on it should be by ther choice and positive.

Telling The Verge, Gutman said that Suggested Posts were about helping people see relevant content as soon as they get to the end of their feed. So, you are not getting off the app anytime soon.

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