Instagram Introduced A New Feature For Small Scale Business

Instagram feature

On Monday, Instagram came up with a new feature. The small scale businesses will get great help from this. Small scale businesses are most affected from the lockdown.

Users noticed a new story added to the Stories feed with “Support Small” written beneath it. When you tap on stories, the users could see the names of small scale businesses around them.

Instagram tweeted from its official account on Twitter,

“Today we’re launching a “Support Small Business” sticker in stories so you can show love to your favorite small businesses. Use it and your photo or video will be added to a shared story where friends can see which businesses you support.”

To promote a business, you can add the “Support Small Business” sticker to your story. By doing this, others uses will be able to see the business. This will help in increasing the visibility of the company.

“As many stores remain closed and social media serves as an online Main Street, the shift to doing business online is more urgent than ever. We’re announcing new ways for people to support and discover small businesses, along with more tools for keeping businesses informed and connected with their customers,” Instagram said in a statement.

Also, Facebook is introducing a new feature called the Businesses Nearby. This will allow users to see the latest updates and posts by the businesses near them. The feature would help locate the essentials shop.

“We want to do everything we can to support small businesses right now, whether that”s building new tools to help them stay in touch with customers or giving people the power to easily show their love to businesses they care about,” said Instagram COO Justin Osofsky said in a statement.

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