Instagram integrates with Messenger, gets 10 new features

Facebook made the integration of Messenger and Instagram official this week. In this integration, Instagram users can chat with friends on Messenger without downloading the app. The same goes for messengers also.

The new update will be available globally soon. It is an in-app update, users will get notification for the same. With this, Facebook is also bringing Messenger features to Instagram. So, Instagram users get 10 new features.

List of Features:

Cross-app communication

It is the core feature and lets Instagram users to message friends on Messenger and vice versa. Also, make video calls.

Instagram users can chat with Messenger users and vice versa.
Instagram users can chat with Messenger users and vice versa. (Instagram)

Watch Together

With this, users can co-watch videos from Facebook, IGTV, TV shows, and movies during a video call.

Vanish Mode

This feature can disappear the messages after they’re read or when you close the chat.

Selfie Stickers

Make boomerang stickers with your selfie and share it on the app.

Chat Colors

Customize chat with different colors.

Custom Emoji Reactions

One can react to messages with emojis with the new Messenger reaction.


Forwarding messages o Instagram will be limited to five friends or groups.


You reply directly to a specific message in your chat.

Animated Message Effects

You can add “visual flair” to your messages with animated send effects.

You can choose who gets to message you and who doesn't.


You can decide who can send you DMs, and even block people from not messaging you.

Reporting messages

Now you can report full conversations in addition to single messages.

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