India’s first healing center opens in Ranikhet with Japanese concept!

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India got first forest healing center at Kalika near Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. This was open to public on Sunday. The healing center has the concept of making people healthy by bringing them close to nature.

India's first forest healing centre inaugurated in Uttrakand's Ranikhet

So, at the entrance, there are signboards to advise visitors to hug trees, to walk barefoot on the grass, lie on their back and gaze at swaying trees, or look at the sky above to soothe their senses. Tree platforms with pretty, little wooden structures here provide visitors natural views to meditate.

Also, as per reports, the development of the healing centre involves study the impact of forests on human health. Research is by the research wing of Uttarakhand Forest Department, and inspiration from the Japanese technique of forest bathing.

Coming the area, the centre is across an area of around 13 ac. Environmentalist Ranikhet Joginder Bisht did the iopening of the center. As per Chief Conservator of Forest Sanjiv Chaturvedi it has been found that tree hugging has a very positive impact. It increases the level of feel good hormones in the body like serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.

Also, adding, he states the reason behind the healing centre in a pine forest. Studies have found conifers release certain oil, called phytoncides, to defend themselves from various microbes. Also, as per research, these compounds help to multiply natural killer cells in our blood, helping our body to fight infections and enhance overall immunity.

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