India might overtake Italy in 2 days in terms of Cases

Cases in India might takeover Italy

The cases in India are increasing with a great speed. It might overtake Italy in 2 days in terms of cases. Since the relaxtions in lockdown, the per day cases have increased with a huge number.

India saw 9,304 new cases of Covid-19 on Thursday. It is the highest single-day spike so far. The total number of cases in the country is now 2,16,919.

With the same rate of increase in cases, India will take two days to cross the tally of Italy, the sixth worst-affected country by Covid-19.

Currently Italy has 2,33,836 cases of Covid-19. If the cases in India is at same speed, it will add another 18,000 cases in its tally, taking the total number to 2,34,919.

Talking about the deaths, India has a much better record. The number of deaths in India is five times less than Italy.

The national tally of confirmed Covid-19 cases reached 2.17 lakh on Thursday with a with a record spike of 9,304 new cases in the last 24 hours.

Also, the death toll has increased to 6,075 with 260 more fatalities in this period.

Currently, India is the seventh nation after the US, Brazil, Russia, the UK, Spain and Italy in terms of Coronavirus cases. Also, India is 12th in terms of fatalities. It is placed at eighth place in terms of recoveries. However, India figures among the top-five countries in terms of active cases. Also, for the number of tests conducted so far.

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