This sweet shop in Ranchi sells immunity rasgulla, Check it out!

The pandemic has led to the creation of many things to deal with the virus. In case of food, a Kolkata-based sweetseller came up with Corona sandesh and herbal sandesh. This is to build immunity against the virus. It went viral on Internet. Here is a rasgulla now!

So, similar to it, a sweet shop in Ranchi is selling immunity-boosting rasgullas with really unusual ingredients. Kamal Aggarwal, the confectioner, has put in bitter gourd, green chilly, garlic and turmeric to make rasgullas for the festivals during pandemic.

As per reports, the idea came when in order to tevive the sales of his shop. The sweet not only tastes goof but also builds immunity.

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Kamal Aggarwal told a leading news website about the rasgulla. When he came up with the rasgulla rich with immunity-boosting ingredients, it could not meet the expectations. The business is going well since Durga Puja and has enough orders for Diwali too. There several other varieties made, using more natural ingredients such as dhania, elaichi, chyawanprash, kiwi. Also, amla, chocolate, moringa, giloy, beetroot, khajoor, tulsi and pudina.

Coming to the price, it costs at INR 100 for a pack of five and INR 200 for a pack of 10. Also, if you’re from Ranchi, you can also get them at home.

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