A Gujarat vendor gives a whole new twist to Vada Pav!

Vada pav has a special place in hearts of all Mumbai people. The flavourful vada along with cutneys is put inside a pav and served. Gujarat gives a new twist to the traditional vada pav.

Food fusions are in trend such as the Gulab jamun cheesecake, chocolate pizza and more. Joining the list comes the ‘Ice cream Vada Pav’. So, a vendor from Gujarat sells this unique dish. Check it out!

Ice Cream Vada Pav

Credits: India today

A Gujarat vendor sells the Ice cream vada pav. It is something that must have not came in our minds. Sahil Adhikaari first posted the video on Twitter, which went viral. The video shows the making of the sweet dish!

Ice cream replaces vada

As seen in the video, the vendor spreads multiple sugary syrups inside the pav. After that, a scoop of ice cream is put inside the pav. For garnishing, he uses colourful tutti-fruiti.

So, the tweet read, “Gujarat’s answer to Vada Pav is here. Vada Pav in mud”.

The video went viral as this is something unique. A whole new twist to the traditional spicy vada pav. It was a particular breakfast item. So, now a vada pav is a sweet dish too!

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