How To make Steam Momos at home !

Momos Recipe is a delicious and simple momos recipe filled with juicy minced Vegetables . The fillings for these momos are quite simple and light. Serve this momos along with chilli garlic sauce.


1. All purpose flour(maida)
2. Salt
3. Cooking oil
4. Cabbage(grated)
5. Green chilli
6. Carrot(grated)
7. Garlic clove(chopped)
8. Onion(chopped)
9. Spring onion
10.Black pepper
11.Soy sauce

Steps involved in making  momos

Step 1 : Add salt and 1 tea-spoon oil in maida and blend it well

Step 2 :  Include approximately 100 ml of water and  squeeze the dough with hands properly , After the dough becomes little harder cover it and let it rest for  15 mins .

Step 3 : Put oil in pan and let it get a little hot.

Step 4 : Cut onion , green chilly , carrot , cauliflower , garlic  into small pieces , Add them into oil and cook for 30 seconds .

Step 5 : Add salt , black pepper , soya sauce to the above mixture and shake it well so that the filling is finally ready .

Step 6 : Now make Small rolls from the dough in circular shape

Step 7:  Add the stuffing to the roll and put some water on the edges of the roll and seal it .

Step 8:  At home you can use a idli maker with approximately 1ltr of water in it.

Step 9: Now grease the base of idli stand with the oil  and put all the momos on it  and close the lid for 10 mins.

Step 10:   Now you are ready with the steam momos , serve accordingly !


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