Hovercrafts to ferry visitors during Mahakumbh 2021: Haridwar

Ferry boats and hovercrafts will come for travel of visitors between Haridwar and Rishikesh during Mahakumbh 2021. As per reports, authorities in Haridwar have cues from the ferry boats and hovercrafts. These were operating on Ganga and Yamuna during Kumbh in 2019.

Haridwar: Hovercrafts on cards to ferry visitors during Mahakumbh 2021 |  Times of India Travel
Credits: Times of India

Also, as per the reports, the hovercrafts will be able to transport around 100 to 125 people at a time. This will help take travellers and pilgrims. The administration of Kumbh Mela has given a presentation in New Delhi to the officials in this regard.

As per the officer-in-charge of Kumbh Mela, Deepak Rawat, as soon as there is permit for the same, steps will be taken. This is to operate waterways services using ferry boats and hovercrafts. He said, “Mela administration is committed to making Mahakumbh 2021 a memorable experience for the pilgrims. Using river Ganga as a waterway will be a landmark development and a major attraction for pilgrims and tourists. It will also lessen traffic congestion on highway stretch and on inner roads, in particular during the festive baths.”

Also, the authorities of Kumbh Mela will also be dividing the Ganga ghats into colour zones. This is to ensure proper safety of visitors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As per Sanjay Gunjyal, Inspector General of Kumbh Force, pilgrims will be aware about red, yellow and green ghats. This will help avoid congestion at one particular ghat.

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