Book a stay at Raybo hostels in Leh Ladakh the next time you visit!

A traveller experiencing new places need not look for a new destination, rather a place in sharing. Yes, we are talking about the hostels. A hostel not only gives you freedom to explore but also to communicate with other tourists too.

Raybo hostels Leh Ladakh

If you are planning a trip to Leh Ladakh anytime soon, try out this hostel to stay. Located in a beautiful with greenery all around, Raybo Hostel has open agriculture fields and has a magnificent view of the Stok Kangri Mountain Range.

They have two hostels, Raybo Hostels and Ree Hostels. Both of them draw their inspiration from temporary tents made of Yak hair that the nomads of Changthang of the Ladakh region use. These tents are provide temporary shelter to the shepherds while they are on their long journeys.

Raybo hostel Leh Ladakh

Those who don’t know, Raybo may appear as just another nomad’s tent. But it is symbolic of Changthang’s Nomads’ craftsmanship, perseverance and dedication to their beloved animals. Also, the hostel has all facilities. It has sturdy wooden bunkswarm quilts, linen sheets, and comfy pillowsattached power connectors and reading lamps.

Also, there is an amazing WiFi connection and hot water available 24*7. So, book your hostel the next time you visit Ladakh!

Price for one night: Rs 2,000 (approx)

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