Book you stay at this hostel in Udaipur, the next time you travel Solo!


Known as the city of lakes, Udaipur is a beautiful destination for both family and solo trips. There are a lot of things to see and experience and we recommend you to go Solo! So, if you have any such solo plans, then we have a best place to stay at night!  

Hostel Mantra Udaipur, Rajasthan Price, Address & Reviews

Hostel Mantra a unique hostel that welcomes the community of travellers, explorers and wanderers to come and stay with them. They have a belief that travel is not just sightseeing and completing bucket list but feeling the culture with people around you. 

Hostel Mantra Udaipur, Rajasthan Price, Address & Reviews

When you stay here, you get to meet friendly travelers from every corner of the world, who have interesting stories to tell! The designing of the place is done keeping the five elements of nature in mind- Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Space. Also, each room has designing with one specific element. So, here they have two private rooms, and two mixed dorm rooms and one especially for female travelers.

Hostel Mantra Udaipur, Rajasthan Price, Address & Reviews

Here you can enjoy their common area, sun and moon deck where you can read while sipping your cup of tea or coffee. Also, they have free WiFi so Internet access won’t be a problem. Coming to the pricing, the hostel has special packages for Work Away From Home, starting from Rs 2,099 including food.

So, the next time you plan to visit Udaipur, do book you stay here!

Price for one night: Rs 605 (for sharing dorm), Rs 2,500 (for private rooms)

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