Book a stay at this homestay in Tirthan amid hills and river view!

Diwali iscoming and pollution is already at its peak. It is becoming difficult to breathe also. So, why not take a winter holiday to the hills and chill under clear skies with fresh air? If these are your plans, here is a homestay in Tirthan for you.

The Forest Edge, is a boutique homestay in Tirthan, with riverside location and beautiful marigold gardens.

The beauty of the homestay can be seen from a distance too. The space has a big garden with sunflowers, rhododendron, and marigold flowers, which covers the space in a blanket of colourful hues.

Also, there are four rooms inside which are made in wood, and furnished with comfy beds. Moreover, each room has its private balcony too.

So, the property has a library, open gazebo, and excellent food. These include chole bhature for breakfast, pizza and many other local dishes. With silence all around, you can hear the voice of river and dog howls. You will not feel away from home as everything here gives a feeling of intimacy and warmth.

Also, with the vibe of this beautiful place, you might stay a little long! All you can do is sit by the bonfire and spending quality time with yourself with a view!

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