Himachal to reopen Temples, hotels after June 8

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Tourism Industry is down due to COVID-19. Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister, Jairam Thakur announced that all temples, restaurants, and hotels in the hill state will reopen after June 8. Also, the CM said that state tourism has been hit hard because of the continuous lockdown situations, and now it is time to reopen.

A major portion of the population of the state depends on tourism for their livelihood. Especially in the hospitality sector. In a news interview, the Chief Minister said that hotels, temples, and restaurants in Himachal will reopen after June 8.

Also, the places will be open only for those from within the state and not for those coming from outside Himachal.

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Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh has reported its first Coronavirus case. This is when a couple who returned from Delhi to Kinnaur became the first virus-positive case. And the news was confirmed by the chief medical officer of the district (CMO) Dr. Sonam Negi. She said that the family from Sangla had come back from Delhi on May 26 and tested positive. Also, the husband and wife along with their 10-year-old kid are in quarantine at Urni.

In the start, the state had only some 50 Coronavirus positive cases. But with the return of migrants from different parts, the cases increased rapidly. Everyone from students to labourers caused rise in cases.

Currently, the state has 342 COVID-19 positive cases and 5 deaths.

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