This hidden beach in Mumbai will remind you of your Goa trip!

Whenever you think of beach vacation, Goa stays on top list. As Goa is now open for tourists,  but those who still find it risky to go, we have a place for you. There is a hidden beach village in Mumbai, known as Mini Goa.
Mumbai beach

Manori is less than couple of hours from Central Mumbai. To get there, you will have to drive to the northern suburbs of Mumbai. It is located near the famous Gorai beach, there is a beautiful coastal village on Manori island. It has churches, temples and beach huts.

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Also, it is known for its cleanliness and greenery. Hillocks surround the island, and you can also take a short hike.There are palm trees and sun reflecting in water is a beautiful sight. Enjoy the view with a nice coconut water. Also, you can visit the Global Vippasanna Pagoda, which has beautiful hollow stone idols of Buddha in the world.

Mumbai beach


For a stay, you can stay at cottage-style bungalows. With beautiful LED lights, this will remind you of Baga Beach.

Also, if you are driving to the beach, you need to park your car at the Pay and Park at Marve beach and after that take the ferry from there.

So, plan a weekend stay at this beautiful beach in Mumbai.

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