Here is how you can catch Ditto in Pokemon Go!


If you have played Pokemon Go, then you must be knowing Ditto. It remains one of the most elusive Pokemons in the world of game. So, what makes Ditto a real challenge to find and catch are its transformational capabilities. For those who don’t know, Ditto is a first-generation Pokemon that can transform itself into another Pokemon. In this, it not only mimics the appearance of the other Pokemon but also copies its powers.

Pokemon Go
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How to find Ditto

In order to seek Ditto, you must understand how it behaves. It disguises itself as a specific set of Pokemons. The list includes Hoothoot, Hoppip, Foongus, Spinarak, Purrloin, Remoraid, Bidoof, Numel, Whismur, and Gulpin. Look for them and you might find Ditto!

Another trick is by using the Nearby tracker. It will help you find out which Pokemons are close to your location. Try to catch them and you might find a Ditto in disguise. You can also use an Easter Egg to increase your chances.

Also, you can make frequent visits to Poke Stops. Catch more and more Pokemons. You never know, one of them might end up being Ditto. So, keep finding and you will catch the Ditto for sure!

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