Now grab some healthy Gluten-Free chips by BRB, even on a diet!

One in a lifetime we all have tried diets. Diet and Chips? Never! But now they will go hand in hand. Now, you will not have to go and grab an oil filled chips packet and calm yor cravings. Check out the BRB chips as an healthy option!

BRB Popped chips have come to save you from unhealthy chips craving! They have amazing popped chips made with potatoes and sweet potatoes. Also, they come in four flavours: Sweet Chipotle, Roasted Garlic & Herbs, Cheese & Carmelized Onions and Bhel. So, if you are craving some chatpata chaat, grab a packet of Bhel flavour! It will satiate you for sure.


They are not fried! Yes, the best part is that the are baked!  They are less greasy as compared to the regular chips.

BRB Popped Chips | Not Baked, Not Fried | Potato & Sweet Potato ...

Healthy habits should be passed on. With this in mind, introduce it to your friend and family too. Munch on some cheese or the smoky-sweet chipotle or the Italian food vibe roast garlic!

BRB Popped Chips | Not Baked, Not Fried | Potato & Sweet Potato ...

These chips are with 60% less fat, so no regret after eating! Put your hand on the amazing chips that comes with some cool packing too. You might also get features on their page!

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Happy Munching!

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