Gulmarg sees season’s first snowfall, Gondola reopens too!

As winters are arriving soon, Gulmarg, Kashmir saw the season’s first snowfall last week. This brought a sign of joy. Also, another thing that adds to the joy is that the famous Gulmarg gondola that began operations on Sunday.

Being one of the highest cable cars in the world, the gondola is now operational after a gap on six months. Also, the Gulmarg–Kongdoori part of the gondola ride is now open for travellers.

The earning on day 1 of its operations in INR 78000 as per reports. Also, last year, the gondola rides had earning of INR 30 crores for the government here. The ticket costs between INR 740 to INR 950, reaching a maximum altitude of more than 12000 ft.

Gandola, Gulmarg is an attraction in Kashmir and has beautiful pine forests in Himalayas. So, for now, the gondola would operate only on weekends. Also, masks and all other safetly norms are important. The in-charge of the operations have states that social distancing norms need must be followed here. Also, sanitization kd the gondola cabins will be done after every round.

Gulmarg sees season's first snowfall, the famous gondola opens

As per officials, “No tourist shall be allowed to board the Gondola without masks and any tourist with temperature exceeding 99° Celsius shall not be allowed to enter the premises of the ropeway. This is for the information of tourists visiting Gulmarg.”

Gulmarg is famous for its skiing slopes. For now, COVID test is important for all arrivals.

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