Google Pixel phones get a lot of new features

Google Pixel's Cool New Features Beat Apple's iPhone 2 Ways
Google Pixel


Google has come up with new features for Pixel smartphones. The new features will be hitting the devices starting June 1. All you need to do is update the version.

“In June, we’re dropping new features for Pixel, including updates that focus on providing more support to stay safe, extend your battery life, and help you disconnect more easily at night. The features will begin rolling out to Pixel devices starting on June 1st and will roll out in stages over the next two weeks,” states the Pixel forum.

Improved adaptive battery feature

This feature learns your usage patterns and optimizes the battery accordingly. Also, now on Pixel 2 and later devices, it can predict when your battery will run out.

Better Bedtime feature

This new feature lets you keep track of your sleeping patterns. Also, it will also get a shot of how much time you’re spending awake. “Each morning, you can wake up with your favorite track or with a gradually brighter screen with Sunrise Alarm.”

Recorder gets Google Assistant integration

Now the Recorder app inside Google Pixel smartphones supports Google Assistant. All you need to say is “Hey Google, start recording my meeting,” or “Hey Google” followed by anything you want to do.

Personal Safety app coming to all

Google will now finally roll out the Personal Safety app to all Pixel smartphones starting this month. Earlier it was only on Pixel 4. Also, Car Crash detection will be coming to Pixel 3 smartphones as well. Some new features include, safety check, which schedules a check-in from the app at a later time. And emergency sharing that notifies all of your emergency contacts. in case of emergencies.

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